Living trends 2021 with comfort ambience

The living trends for this year are simple and easy to realise. Of course, they don’t only apply to Mallorca. Especially in the current situation, we have to spend a lot of time within our own four walls. Therefore, it is particularly important that we create an environment that has a calming effect. At the same time, however, it should also give us a lust for life.

We are happy to report in the following on the furnishing trends for 2021 that we have experienced and researched.

Bright, natural and sustainable

Light colours are mostly used on the walls and in the furniture. White is chosen as the basic colour to conjure up a friendly, sunny ambience. However, attention is paid to ensuring that the living atmosphere does not appear sterile, but is loosened up with wood, natural stone and other natural materials. Wicker, rattan, wickerwork and linen, for example, are used here to create a cosy home.

Healthy minimalism

This year, the motto is once again: “less is more”. Clearly structured rooms with little frippery and good organisation systems offer space to be creative, relax and breathe.

Pastel shades create cosiness

The aforementioned “comfort ambience” is created this year by delicate pastel shades such as rosé, sage, lilac, lavender or pastel blue. Whether as a colour for the sofa, the armchair, as a carpet or in the form of other decorative elements, such as cushions, the trend colour convinces with a calming effect on soul and spirit.

Expressive decorative elements set up accents

Cheerful and eye-catching elements, statement pieces that radiate energy should not be missing. Set colourful highlights with colourful cushions, gaudy pictures or unusual elements such as clocks, lamps or smaller pieces of furniture in modern designs.

Vintage charm and homemade items

For example, a self-refurbished antique piece of furniture with a curious history or a special decorative piece such as an old typewriter or an old radio provide the individual touch.

Elegance must not be missing

Narrow feet on tables, chairs and side tables, in graphic forms, in black or gold ensure discreet and not overbearing elegance.

Plants enliven the room

“Urban Jungle” is the keyword here. Bring the jungle into your home! Well, maybe not the whole jungle. Houseplants have become very popular. They create freshness and comfort and bring a piece of nature into our homes. Furthermore, they are said to increase our performance and concentration.

Create a comfortable living atmosphere with these living trends and enjoy being at home!