Selling Property easily

Selling property easily works with the real estate agent! The task of an estate agent consists of several areas. First of all, he or she determines what exactly is to be sold, with which features, sizes and affiliations. Advising the seller in detail on pricing is one of the real estate agent's relevant tasks. Read More

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Costs and taxes for the seller – difference: non-resident & resident

What are the costs and taxes for a seller in Mallorca? This question is particularly interesting for people who are thinking of selling their property in Mallorca now. When calculating, a distinction is made in advance between non-resident and resident. Read More

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An experience from everyday life as an estate agent

Everyday life as an estate agent on Mallorca is very exciting. These situations also exist: That one particular property that nobody is interested in for years and is on offer for years. A few viewings take place, but something doesn't fit. Is it the location, the furnishings, the price? Read More

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Mallorca’s Fascinating Caves

Mallorca is best known for its romantic bathing bays, but there are also fascinating caves on the island. In fact, there are over 5,000 caves in total. Some of them can be visited on guided tours. Others, however, are not accessible at all. Read More

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Property Manual: Set Your Property In The Right Light

First impressions count. And we do not even mean the first real viewing appointment, but the pictures of the property that potential buyers look at in brochures or on the internet. Exclusivity and quality are reflected in the appearance of the property. Read More

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Property Manager

Areas of responsibility of a property manager

The tasks of a property manager are very exciting and diverse. Our colleague Christine Yazdan is such a property manager at CCC Real Estate and introduces her profession. Read More

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Sell property with CCC

Sell your property with CCC Real Estate

You want to sell your property? We are your contact in the north-east of Mallorca! No matter if your property has become too small or too big for you, if the effort grows over your head, if your family situation or your demands have changed: we are there for you! Read More

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