Energy certificate

An energy certificate or energy performance certificate has been mandatory for existing buildings and new buildings in Spain since 5. of April 2013. The basis for this is the Building Energy Efficiency Law (RD 235/2013). Since 1st of June 2013, all new buildings as well as all properties that are sold or rented out must be able to show an energy certificate right at the start of marketing activities!

The energy certificate certifies that the property has a rating that ranges from A – very efficient, to G – very inefficient. The emitted CO2 values are measured, which then define the valuation. In this way, the energy efficiency of the different buildings can be measured and compared. This in turn leads to an additional rental / purchase argument.

The owner of the property is responsible for the commissioning as well as for the adequate provision of the energy certificate. This certificate has a maximum validity of ten years and can be updated by the owner at any time. This makes sense if renovations and conversions have been carried out. In addition, the owner is responsible for registering the certificate with the relevant national authority (Dirección General de Industria y Energía).

The data collection should be carried out by a technical architect (civil engineer according to German law) or expert in energy efficiency. We work together with an official and registered “Arquitecto Técnico”.

According to statistics, 40% of energy in Europe is consumed in buildings. It is therefore an economic necessity to improve energy efficiency.

Based on these findings, the energy certificate is always developed together with suggestions for improvement.

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