The lighthouse of Capdepera

History of the “Far de Capdepera” The lighthouse of Capdepera, built in 1861 and about 18 metres high, the “Far de Capdepera”, is situated in the headland “Punta de Capdepera” at the most eastern point of the island of Majorca. It is one of a total of 5 nowadays still active lighthouses on Majorca. The […] Read More


Special aspects when purchasing a newly constructed property from a developer

Pay attention to these special aspects when purchasing a newly constructed property Have you decided to buy a newly constructed property on Mallorca? So that nothing stands in the way of the fulfilment of your desire, you should be aware of the fact that in addition to the actual property price from the price list, […] Read More

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Barbara Radinger

Freelance artist, painter, sculptor “In the painting process itself, in the movement of the brushstroke, in the change of the structure of the work, in the adding and taking away, or overpainting, lies the sensuality that always makes me want to get involved in a painting.” This is how Barbara Radinger describes her artistic work. […] Read More


Cala Agulla – Paradise in the northeast of Mallorca

Cala Agulla beach, with crystal clear waters, is located in the northeast of Mallorca, in the popular tourist destination of Cala Ratjada. It is the largest of the three beaches that belong to Cala Ratjada. With a length of about 520 metres, you will always find a place, even in summer, despite the good number […] Read More


Son Serra de Marina

The small, beautiful coastal village of Son Serra de Marina (formerly a fishing village) is located in the bay of Alcudia on the northeast coast of Mallorca. Its between the towns of Can Picafort and Artà and belongs to the municipality of Santa Margalida. Perfect for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and those seeking peace and quiet, […] Read More


Almond Blossom In Mallorca

The almond blossom in Mallorca is something very special. While Germany is still in the grip of winter weather, spring is already beginning in Mallorca. Every year, the almond blossom in Mallorca heralds the beginning of spring. It offers its observers an extraordinary natural spectacle. As early as December, around Christmas, the first scattered blossoms can be […] Read More


Moratorium – What It Means For Some Building Plots In Mallorca

What Does Moratorium Mean? A moratorium is currently in place in some areas – mainly housing estates – on Mallorca. In simpler terms, this is a stop of construction. This means that no building permits will be issued for new buildings or extensions. In the northeast, the residential areas affected include Costa Canyamel, Els Pelats in […] Read More


Processionary Moth In Mallorca

In Mallorca, processionary moth caterpillars are found in pine trees and pines. In spring, they leave their cocoons and crawl towards the ground in search of food. They line up in long chains to forage for food, among other things, to keep predators away. This is where the name processionary moth (Spanish: procesionarias) comes from. Normally, […] Read More


How a NIE number prevented the notarial purchase contract from being concluded

A true story from our everyday business life on the subject of the NIE number. Preparation Of The Notary Appointment In order to finalise a real estate transaction by the notary, a thousand details have to be clarified. All the people involved, including the financing bank, work flat out towards the scheduled notary appointment. They organise, […] Read More

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How Do I Pay The Notary When Buying A Property In Spain?

How do I pay the notary in a property purchase contract in Spain? This process varies in detail whether the buyer is buying with bank financing (mortgage) or without financing. Process Without Mortgage If no financing bank is involved, lawyers or gestorias handle this process. The buyer pays the total amount of the additional purchase costs. These […] Read More

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