Stylish Interior Design and Home Staging in Mallorca

At CCC Real Estate, the biggest real estate agency in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca, we attach great importance to style and comfort. Today we would like to introduce Andrea Heppe from stilquelle. As an expert in interior design, visual marketing, and home staging, she creates beautiful living worlds (whether for living, working or preparing an excellent […] Read More

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Manacor – A promising investment

The enchanting finca area around Manacor Manacor and its surrounding finca area present themselves as an extremely attractive location for property buyers. While Manacor itself offers solid infrastructure and amenities, the real appeal lies in the surrounding fincas that embody traditional Mallorcan country life. These sought-after country houses offer a unique investment opportunity for property […] Read More

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Sineu – haven of peace in the interior of the island

The town of Sineu is the geographical center of the beautiful island of Mallorca and is home to almost 4,000 inhabitants. The capital Palma can be reached from here in about 40 minutes by car. Sineu is one of the most traditional cities. Above all, enjoy the peace and quiet and immerse yourself in the […] Read More

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Mallorca – Your island in times of crisis

The world is changing, and the news are full of terrible information. Sometimes it is hard to focus on the positive events in life. The Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have made many people think. Self-sufficient and free living has gained so much value. Everything in one place Amidst the chaos, Mallorca seems […] Read More

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Buying property in Mallorca – Financing

Buying property on Mallorca – What you should know about financing Some banks and real estate portals advertise with enticing headlines promising a property’s easy and 100% financing. It is not quite that simple. You should always question these offers critically and exercise caution. A mortgage in the full amount of the purchase price does […] Read More

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Earn money with your own olive trees

Due to the wonderful Mediterranean climate, olive trees thrive very well on Mallorca. The intense heat and also heavy rainfall cannot harm this landmark of Spain. Numerous fincas offer the area and the perfect soil for planting olive trees. Why not take advantage of this? On the one hand you can enjoy your own cold-pressed […] Read More

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Special aspects when purchasing a newly constructed property from a developer

Pay attention to these special aspects when purchasing a newly constructed property Have you decided to buy a newly constructed property on Mallorca? So that nothing stands in the way of the fulfilment of your desire, you should be aware of the fact that in addition to the actual property price from the price list, […] Read More

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How Do I Pay The Notary When Buying A Property In Spain?

How do I pay the notary in a property purchase contract in Spain? This process varies in detail whether the buyer is buying with bank financing (mortgage) or without financing. Process Without Mortgage If no financing bank is involved, lawyers or gestorias handle this process. The buyer pays the total amount of the additional purchase costs. These […] Read More

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Renting in Mallorca

Renting in Mallorca. Your decision has been made! Mallorca will become the centre of your life! A long-term rental is a good alternative to get to know the living on the island, in order to possibly decide in the second step for a real estate purchase. Or in general, only renting is an option for you. Read More

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Which factors influence the price of a property?

Do you know which factors influence the price of a property? The three most important criteria of a property are 1. the location, 2. the location and 3. the location. It is often said that a property should be offered at a value in line with market conditions. Read More

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