The sun shines up to 11 hours a day in Mallorca! Rely on renewable energies such as photovoltaic systems!

Photovoltaic - you have certainly heard this term before. But do you also know what exactly is behind it and what things you have to consider when installing a new photovoltaic system? Read More

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Building-construction companies

Building in Mallorca – construction company

Finding the right construction company is the next step after the building permit for your project has now been granted. And the execution plans, the tenders reflecting your wishes. Read More

Bauen auf Mallorca Bauantrag

Building in Mallorca – building permit

Building on Mallorca requires a building permit. The architect of your confidence has developed a building plan that you like. That you would like to have approved by the responsible municipality in order to obtain the necessary building license. Read More

Building in Mallorca

Building in Mallorca – architect and building plan

You have found a suitable property (plot or house with reconstruction or a general renovation). Before you buy it you should check, whether your wishes can be realised in terms of building law and construction. Read More

Build in Mallorca

Building in Mallorca

The subject of building in Mallorca raises many questions. We at CCC Real Estate provide you with important information in a series of professional articles. Read More