Building in Mallorca – architect and building plan

Building in Mallorca is a complex topic. My name is Alwin Klotz and I am an architect working in Barcelona and Mallorca. Due to my multilingualism I am able to advise you perfectly in all matters concerning new buildings, planning and building permits. I can also help you with reconstruction and renovation. You can say, I am the connection between you as the client and the Spanish authorities.

Thank you to CCC Real Estate for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to the subject of building in Mallorca in a series of professional articles.

Choice of a property or plot

You have found a suitable property (plot or house with reconstruction or a general renovation). Before you buy it you should check, whether your wishes can be realised in terms of building law and construction.

Building with an architect

Once you have finally decided on a house, a finca or a plot of land, it is time to look for an architect who is authorized in Spain to plan projects and submit them to the authorities. To do so, the architect must be authorized to submit building documents and registered with the provincial Chamber of Architects. As this is a complex subject, I recommend that you choose an architect who speaks your language.

If you want an architect from your home country to draw up the building design, he or she will need a correspondence architect who is registered with the Chamber of Architects of the Spanish province where you wish to build.

Application for building permit

Your correspondent architect will be responsible for drawing up the building plans and preparing the documents needed to apply for planning permission (Phase 1). Here we speak in Spanish of the “Proyecto básico”. If the municipality approves the building project, you will receive the building permit “Licencia de obra”. Now phase 2 begins: preparation of the execution project “Proyecto de ejecución”. Your architect is also responsible for this and the execution project is submitted to the municipality and approved. Afterwards you will receive the building permit.

Construction engineer necessary

Before starting the construction work, it is a legal obligation in Spain to contract an “Aparejador” or so-called “Arquitecto Técnico” for the safety, coordination and quality control of the processes on the construction site. This means that you have both the planning architect, whom you assign with the construction management, and the “Aparejador”.

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