Building in Mallorca – building permit

Building in Mallorca requires a building permit. The architect of your confidence has developed a building plan that you like. That you would like to have approved by the responsible municipality in order to obtain the necessary building license.

Planning requirement

Your architect will clarify all relevant urban planning requirements and various conditions with the responsible building authority (municipal architects and/or, if applicable, municipal engineer) in advance. These are also incorporate into the design you require. This is the so-called approval planning, in Spanish “Proyecto Básico”. With your consent, your architect will obtain the necessary “Visado” from the Architectural Association in Palma.

With the finalized “Proyecto Básico” and the completed form for a building application (Solicitud de Obras), you or your authorized architect go to the responsible building authority (Sevicio técnico del Ayuntamiento, department “Urbanismo”) and present it.

New building or huge renovation

In the case of a new building or a huge renovation, an application for a large construction project “Obra Mayor” (Case-1 Solicitud de Licencia de Obra Mayor). Or in the case of a renovation project where no statically relevant parts are changed, an application for a small construction project “Obra Menor” (Case-2 Solicitud de Licencia de Obra Menor). But if you are for example just renovating a bathroom, only submit an “Comunicado inmediato” (Case-3 Comunicado inmediato). Case 3 allows you to start the construction work as soon as the processing fee and building tax have been paid.

Building request

For building in Mallorca a building request (Solicitud) is necessary. A handling fee (Tassa) and the building tax is due. Each municipality has set its own rate for the handling fee, which may range from 0.50% to 0.60% of the total construction cost (Pem) “Presupuesto de ejecución material”. The building tax (Impuesto de Construcción) can range between 4.00 % and 6.00 % of the total building costs.

Once submitted, your project will be checked for general and local urban planning requirements and issues such as fire protection, user safety, accessibility, local design regulations, etc. In the case of rural properties (fincas), the “Consell Balear” (regional authority) will be involved. The Town Hall will have to wait for its positive decision before the final building permit (Permiso de Obra) is issued.

Processing time

The processing time depends very much on the local building authority. In the case of rural properties, it depends on the positive decision of the regional authority. During the processing phase, the building authority of the respective “town”, as well as the “Consell Balear”, can demand changes to the submitted planning. The architect must then incorporate these in order to receive the final building permit (Permiso de Obra). Once the approval procedure has been completed and nothing prevents it from being granted, you will receive a positive decision (Informe Técnico definitivo) with or without conditions from the responsible building authority.

Work plan

Once the building permit has been granted, the work plan that your architect has prepared in the meantime must be submitted. The municipality will then issue the building permit so that you can start the construction work. Before starting the construction work, the “Aparejador” or also “Arquitecto Técnico” (safety coordinator and control of the construction quality) and the commissioned construction company must be reported by the client to the building authorities.

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