Certificate of Occupancy

Now stricter rules for the certificate of occupancy are required on Mallorca. Until now the certificate of occupancy was required for new buildings and first occupancy. This was necessary to apply for water, electricity and gas connections. In the meantime, it has to be re-applied for extensive renovations or additions. The responsibility has to take the client or owner.

In order to obtain the certificate of occupancy, all construction works must be officially and definitively approved by the architect and the municipality. The application has to be submitted at the Consell de Mallorca. In many cases this certificate was issued by the authority before the final acceptance of the building or apartment. But unfortunately, not all have followed the rules and “forgot” the final inspection afterwards.

The Council has therefore adopted amendments to the specifications. The document was also given an additional meaning. When applying for a holiday rental licence, a valid certificate of habitability must be presented. It may take several months in the municipalities on Mallorca until a final positive acceptance of the building or apartment is completed. This could also delay the purchase or move by several months The supply connections can only be applied for after the presentation of the certificate of occupancy.

Advocates who accompany a real estate purchase for their client, require obligatorily the valid “Cédula de Habitabilidad”. No matter whether it concerns a new building or an existing object. In order to avoid unwanted delays when selling your property, please check whether the Cédula is still valid for your property.

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