CCC Success Method©

Why is a best price strategy important for you? We, as a professional real estate agency, can make the sale and rental of your property much easier. That means, we put the interests of the seller and the correct handling of the customer first. We deal with real estate marketing for 356 days a year. Crucial details are decisive for the quality of the mediation. Anyone who deals with a topic so intensively knows how it works best.

Properties are unique – no mass products!

Mistakes cost time and money! Your money! With CCC Real Estate you avoid mistakes. Because we know which strategies lead to the best success so that you can sell or rent out your property in the best possible way.

Managing director Anke Köhler has published her own guide on this topic. She will be happy to explain how the “CCC Best Price Strategy” works for your property in a non-binding, personal consultation appointment. You can reach us at +34 971 566 178, or by WhatsApp +34 682 755 501 or by email

Use our knowledge for your success!