Verify your property with CCC Real Estate

Verify your real estate by a lawyer with CCC Real Estate! This way you give the buyer a good feeling, as the legal situation has been clarified.

Advantage of a verification

Our experience shows that buyers are ready and willing to pay attractive purchase prices for properties if they are well presented in technical terms and in a correct legal situation!

The legal situation of a property has gained a great deal of importance – and not only during sales – due to different changes in the law. In particular, the issues of: unauthorised building parts, consisted protection, changes in periods of limitation and the possible consequences of this have become very complex and call for a detailed examination of each object.

It is extremely unfortunate and nerve-wracking for seller, buyer and agent when a buyer has decided to make the purchase and only then do inconsistencies arise during the legal check. Quick clarifications of complex legal building issues are rather unusual on Mallorca. If all data and facts were not correctly communicated during the visit, the buyer may step back of the purchase! Interested potential buyers who are ready to purchase do not want to be disappointed and place a great deal of importance on the greatest possible legal security. Therefore, verify your real estate!

The property verification is a milestone on the path of an orderly, serious property sale. Potential buyers will thank you for this, not least with an attractive price, but also through a smooth, reassuring completion of the sale, as all the facts are clear during the visit.

What does a real estate verification include?

A prestigious Mallorcan firm of lawyer, specialising in real estate and construction law, among others, checks all the documents pertaining to your property at the start of the sale process. Any need for action, in terms of belated building permits, e.g. reapplication for certificate of habitability or other documents, necessary corrections in the land register or cadastre, are pointed out and can be implemented immediately, with plenty of time before a buyer wishes to sign a contract!

Inspection report

As soon as the check is completed, the lawyer prepares a report on the legal situation of your property, with the following contents:

  • Land register: Status of the land register information (ownership details, encumbrances [mortgages, rights of way, pipeline rights, etc.], entries, or missing entries, description and surface area data)
  • Cadastre: Status of cadastre information (description and surface area data)
  • Comparison of cadastre and land register situation to the real situation of the property
  • Analysis of the legal building situation of the property (licences, building approval, entries of buildings and extensions)
  • Status of the application or licence for tourist rental (if relevant)
  • Whether further building extensions or alterations are possible, and under what conditions (if relevant)
  • Suggested measures for possible legal construction regulation of the property in order to prepare for the sale

What other advantages does real estate verification offer you?

A verified property is something special. So that the prospective buyer recognizes this at first sight, we will award your verified property with a seal:


When promoting your property on the Internet and in adverts, we highlight the stamp! Your verified property is clearly differentiated from other properties on offer!

As a seller, invest in the sale of your property and give the buyer a good feeling of trust:

  • All legally-relevant information is presented as checked by a lawyer
  • You prove to potential buyers that you have nothing to hide
  • It is a sign of trust, showing that for you a great deal depends on a proper, orderly sale
  • A speedy sale process is promoted
  • All documents are prepared and up-to-date, including for cases in which the buyer seeks financing
  • Leverage points for negotiation of sale price are minimised
  • Your investment pays off: you will be able to obtain a good to very good market price for your property
  • A buyer will be found for the property more quickly

How to verify your real estate

Write an e-mail to or fill out this form and send it to CCC Real Estate. Please provide all the documents requested by CCC Real Estate. All documents can be copied (scanned) in the CCC Real Estate office. After receipt of the lawyers’ note, transfer your investment fee of 484.00 Euros incl. VAT to the law firm (the invoice is tax-deductible after the sale).

CCC Real Estate will be happy to advise you on the subject of “property verification”.