Mallorca is special

What makes Mallorca so special? For decades Mallorca has ranked on a top position in popularity among Northern Europeans, as a holiday destination as well as a location for vacation or second home real estate, real estate investments and even as the chosen home of emigrants who have moved their main residence to Mallorca, with all the consequences (social, family and fiscal).

There is the question why Mallorca is so special and attracts so many people? Here is an attempt to answer this question. Mallorca offers:

  • a Mediterranean, relaxed way of life, the contrast to the structured life in the native country
  • more values and norms in human relationships
  • nature (less than 20% are developed), tranquility, peace, and security, respect and acceptance
  • diversity: everyone has their place here
  • international life with different nationalities, traditional festivals and cultural events
  • good international flight and ferry connections, good infrastructure
  • space for business
  • excellent medical care
  • extensive, year-round possibilities for leisure activities
  • colors of sea and nature, tasty food, great beaches
  • possibilities for celebrating or relaxing
  • Mallorca is a family island

The sun, the light, the temperatures, the blue sky and the starry nights – impressive natural spectacles. Mallorca has charisma! It is an island with special energy. Mallorca is magic! Mallorca is luck!