What sets CCC Real Estate apart from other real estate agents?

CCC Real Estate is well established in the north-east of Mallorca since 2009. The best way to describe our company is as follows: real estate agents with passion, heart and mind.

There are countless real estate agents in Mallorca. The right choice is finally the key to success. It is about your assets, and not simply about an “object “. Furthermore, we care about your interests and the personal contact with you. We would like to let you know who we are, how we think and how we work. So, you are cordially invited to a personal meeting with the owner and manager, Anke Köhler, in our office. Please contact us to reserve your personal appointment.

When it is about your property, CCC Real Estate is your reliable partner:

  • Customer-oriented work is what set us apart.
  • CCC Real Estate is an owner-managed company.
  • Well-founded real estate descriptions will help to sell or let your property.
  • Realistic photos are very much appreciated by our interested parties.
  • We use the whole range of modern marketing possibilities to reach the right audience.
  • With CCC Real Estate, you also have access to an international elite network of wealthy prospective buyers and investors for your luxury property.
  • Take advantage of our specific know-how for properties that are difficult to sell
  • We check the available documents extensively, which improves the sales/letting success for you.
  • Upon request, increase the saleability of the property with the lawyers’ CCC verification.
  • We help you to obtain or renew missing documents. Under certain conditions, we will even partially cover the costs.
  • Transparent transactions for buyers and sellers from beginning to the end.

As you can see, we provide you all the advantages you need for the sale or rental of your property. We are your reliable partner when it comes to your real estate! From the first conversations to the payment of the sales price and afterwards!

Please get in touch with us! We are looking forward to a message from you! Please contact us at +34 971 566 178, or via WhatsApp +34 682 755 501 or via email info@ccc-real-estate.com.